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When you think of the town of Albury, located on the border of NSW and Victoria, beaches, coral reefs and tropical weather aren’t exactly things that one might think about the region – and for good reason. With the nearest beach about giving you a bit of change out of spending four hours in the car, maritime drones and the development of cutting edge robotic and AI technologies perhaps don’t exactly spring to mind and dispel thoughts of lazy inland rivers, lakes and the nearby ski-fields for which the region is more widely known. However, Firetail is setting out to change the perception of what value looks like in the robotic, IOT and AI  sensing industry through its’ unique all in one platforms.

Our team

Evan Leahy


Jack Hurley


Kate Flack

Operations Manager

Joel Hackett

Hardware Engineer

Chris Chua

Firmware Engineer

Mahe Mehesa

Software Engineer

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