Firetail Vanuatu and Volcanoes

Firetail chose Vanuatu as one of its pilot sites and visited Port Vila from 17 – 23 Sep 2016 to familiarise the team with Vanuatu and meet key stakeholders, in particular the Vanuatu Government’s National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), DFAT in Port Vila and World Vision Vanuatu (WVV).  


This involved flying the drone in Vanuatu airspace and the necessary approvals required. Firetail presented to World Vision Vanuatu staff on Wed 21 September in Port Vila and to Vanuatu Humanitarian Team on Thu 22 September, also in Port Vila.

At these presentations the Firetail team answered a range of questions which provided insights to ensure the design accommodates cultural considerations and local conditions. 


This is some of the most unique footage ever captured from a UAV (Drone) inside a volcano. Firetail Australia would like to thank World Vision Australia and Vanuatu as well as NDMO Vanuatu, DFAT Australia, Innovation Exchange Australia and CAA Vanuatu for this unique opportunity.