Robotics + IOT +AI

Complex hardware at the speed of agile

Hardware innovation is “hard”. We simplify complex hardware innovation projects, cleverly linking together all components so it is easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to maintain in the field.

Full cycle IOT, hardware and robotics services

When implemented sustainably, these are powerful tools to drive digital transformation. We have been delivering full-cycle services to help organisations catch the next wave of digital transformation. We cover all your architecture components: from requirements engineering all the way to support and evolution.

Fast, Iterative, Agile

Over the past five years our team has taken their military grade robotics experience and combined it with design thinking, lean startup and agile principles to make hardware simple. We help you to design, build and learn with hardware as fast as you do with software.  This means you can productise cheaply and quickly: reducing risk and increasing viability by scaling up from your MVP.

Road safety project

Robotic self-wheeling traffic cones and smart rumble strips will be trialled on CityLink to help boost safety for people working in live traffic, in a new initiative developed with Telstra.

Complex hardware at the speed of agile

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