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Surfbee Open Ocean Strategy

Unmanned autonomous equipment is becoming a part of everyday life, not only in the air and ground but also the open Ocean. Operating in an Ocean for Surfbee usually meant operating near estuarine inlets and shores, usually for surveying or research purposes. However, Firetail have started experiments with larger Ocean going Surfbee’s , designed to operate on the high seas.

In this context, Firetail have started a project utilising their proprietry electronics and hull design technology including the ability for a 2.7 Meter Unmanned Surface Vessel to carry out a range of Ocean based tasks including towing equipment such as gliders or cameras, vertical profiling with environmental sensors with it’s custom onboard winch and the ability to break down into 3 bags.

Operates together or independantly

One of the most unique features of the 3 Bag system is it’s ability to be multi functional, essentially the operator will end up with a system that can operate together (Catamaran Version) or can be set up Independantly (Single Hull) when you need more swarming bang for your buck.

Back of the Napkin Specs :

2.7 M Length 1.5m Beam
Deck Height : 750mm
Long range mode: 2 x 24v 100AH
Winch for Towfish side scan, Exo etc
Breaks down to 3 individual parts , multiple mounting options for cameras
top speed :- 4 m/s
Split into 2 small boats for swarming , individual payloads.

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