Workplace Safety AI

To provide best-in-class safety practices, Boral and Firetail have partnered to turn realtime safety data into AI driven feedback loops that dramatically improve safety outcomes. Together, Firetail and Boral have created a venturing model that combines startups’ agility, flexibility and culture with corporations’ muscle, experience and resources to create innovative and disruptive solutions. 

Bright Path is an AI-powered surveillance camera that combines edge computing with verbal feedback systems. It enables site managers to make informed decisions instantaneously with minimal human intervention. 

This edge-computing device corrects for human oversight by detecting, analysing and responding to real-time data. Bright Path AI learns about machine and human movements, and their likely incursion into high risk zones. The all-in-one solution is designed as a plug and play installation and is able to operate without an active internet connection: unlocking huge potential for rapid rollout. 

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